What type of book should I produce?

We are able to produce paperback or hard-cover editions. The decision is yours.


What if my book is controversial?

As long as it does not contravene the current laws of libel, defamation, obscenity or pornography, we can produce it for you.

Will my book be copyright?

Your book will be copyrighted for your protection, on a world- wide basis. It will also be registered with the National Library of Australia and allotted a number from the International Standard Book Numbering System (ISBN).


What is my first step?

The manuscript, (either in digital form or hard copy) should be sent to us, by registered or certified mail preferably, so that we are able to determine its extent. Please try to retain a copy of the manuscript in case of loss in transit — we cannot be held responsible for manuscripts in the mail, or in our possession. Whilst every care is taken, obviously this recommendation is for your benefit.


How do I supply my manuscript?

We can accept your manuscript either in clean computer printout, on CD or a USB drive (either Windows or Macintosh), or e-mail. Naturally a computer file is the most cost-effective method because we are able to convert it to typesetting, thereby avoiding the need to re-type it. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your manuscript so we can return it if required.


What will the editor do to my manuscript?

The editor will check for inconsistencies, typing errors, incorrect phraseology and to ensure it does not contravene the current laws.


What will happen if i decide against publication?

Your manuscript will be returned immediately upon your request.



What will the estimate cost me?

We will supply an obligation-free estimate at no charge, based on mutually agreed specifications.


What are royalty agreements?

No royalty arrangements are necessary, as you will receive all proceeds from the sale of your book.

How much will my book cost?

Naturally this will vary from book to book. We will supply estimates based on the extent of your manuscript. Quantities also have a big bearing on the unit cost. Therefore, you will have to tell us how many you would like quoted, and specify either paperback or hardcover or both.


Will I have to pay in one lump sum?

The cost will be divided into three payments. First payment on supply of page proofs. Second payment on supply of cover and corrected page proofs. Final payment on delivery of the printed books.


Will my book sell?

Whether or not the book sells on its merits is naturally dependent on the content.

We will guarantee, however, that the aesthetic quality of the book will more than compete with any other book on the booksellers’ shelves.

All aspects of production — editing, typesetting, design, cover design, printing and binding, are handled only by professionals fully versed in their particular fields.


What about distribution, advertising and promotion?

We are not in a position to distribute your book: however we will advise on how to go about making your book as widely- known as possible.